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Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art is the resource of an amalgamation of knowledge, creation, and action.

Utsha began in 2011 as an element to fill the void in between traditional and contemporary art by devising a physical, intellectual and cultural space to explore and accelerate the confluences.


We are a charitable trust, based in Bhubaneswar, dedicated to acknowledge, encourage and nurture the Odishan culture. We function as a catalyst, to enable the cultural enrichment and proliferate it across the globe. We are committed towards promoting interdisciplinary pedagogy of art and its contemporary practices. We encourage and facilitate collaborations and knowledge building strategies such as Workshops, Film screenings, Lectures, Camps, Artist Residencies and Student Interactions


  • To promote understanding, discussions, exploration and development of and around the  contemporaneity of art and its praxis.To activate participation of audiences from diverse domains and enable critical dialogue exchange.

  • To publish various texts on Art in the form of catalogues, books, monographs, brochures with translations available in Odia in order to provide resources for students, educational institutions, libraries and regional individuals.

  • To support young and emerging artists from various cities, towns and villages. 

  • To support and encourage the exchange of ideas by local and international artists through production, exhibition and dissemination.

  • To actively facilitate an informal networking of contemporary artists; regionally, nationally and Internationally.

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