As a non profit organisation, Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art, Bhubaneswar counts on support from public and private institutions, as well as individuals, to develop its artistic activities. This funding is vital to encourage young artists to experiment and express beyond conventional boundaries. In its uncompromising commitment to nurture and support creative activities by providing appropriate infrastructure and facilities. Utsha seeks committed endowment benefactors and program partners to support us in this direction.



As a gesture of support and generosity, renowned contemporary artists from India have contributed artworks as largesse to Utsha. Each of these contributions reaffirms the ethos that Utsha believes in trust sharing with artists. These works are available to our esteemed patrons in original and also as part of our portfolios. Proceeds from donations go towards securing Utsha as an establishment for the arts for future generations. Read More about Utsha Collection



As a non-profit organization, Utsha depends on continuous support to sustain our projects. From artist residencies that facilitate an extended experimental art practice to remarkable projects that shaped the topography of contemporary art to community engagement, both within and outside Bhubaneswar. Utsha invites you to contribute towards one of our key program areas. 


To find out how you may support, please email us at or call us at (+91) 674 2973328 



Become a friend of Utsha today and help us in our journey of bringing the contemporary art scene alive in Odisha

Members’ vital support continues to assist us in setting up interesting exhibitions and programmes for the public, documenting and publishing books on art, bringing exciting new artists to Utsha and provide a dynamic space for intellectual debate and creativity.

Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive welcome pack designed by Mr. Jagannath Panda

  • Access to special talks and seminars (members only)

  • 40% off on new Utsha publications

  • Preview access to new Utsha exhibitions

  • Free copy of Utsha Programming guide

Access all of these benefits for Rs 5000 a year.

Please contact Utsha Foundation for details at


Utsha would like to thank the following patrons for their unstinting support and generosity to the Foundation and supporting us in this journey to make Odisha an acknowledged centre of excellence and innovation in contemporary art.

Alok Bal . Anjolie Ela Menon . Anju Dodiya . Atul Dodiya . Arun Kumar HG . Babu Eshwar Prasad . Baiju Parthan . Bose Krishnamachari . Dayanita Singh . Farhad Hussain . Fawad Tamkanat . GR Iranna . George Martin . Gigi Scaria . Gulam Mohammed Sheikh . Jayshree Chakravarty  Jehangir Jani . Kamar Alam . Krishen Khanna . Khushii Foundation . Madhvi Parekh . Madhuri Saraf  . Manisha Gera Baswani . Manjunath Kamat . Manu Parekh . Mithu Sen . Paresh Maity . Pooja Iranna . Pratul Dash . Ram Kumar . Ram Rahman . Rameshwar Broota . Ranbir Kaleka . Ravi Agarwal . Ravinder Reddy . Raza Foundation . Rekha Rodwittiya .  Riyas Komu . Satish Gujral  . Seema Kohli . Shubhra Das . Siddhartha Mohanty  . Song Dong Ock . Sudarshan Shetty . Tripti Arya . Veer Munshi . Vinita Dasgupta



One of the core objectives of Utsha is to create a vibrant and dynamic space environment for everyone to experiment and interact with art in its many forms. We ask for your support to help us bring new programmes and exciting artists to the Odisha contemporary art scene. Your donations go a long way in creating the art infrastructure, developing cutting edge programmes, supporting local artists and craftsmen, publishing art related literature and multimedia content and many such activities that showcase and hone the contemporary art scene in Odisha.

Please note that since Utsha is not under Section 80G at the moment, all your Donations will not be tax exempted. We are working on this and will be registered under 80G very soon.

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