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Talk Session Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club

October 20, 2019. Utsha Foundation of Contemporary Art, UNIT 6, VR-39, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


It isn’t often that we come across such a delightful dual combo of adventure and culture- the two vital aspects that add excitement and purpose to our lives. Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club made this dual experience possible for us to witness. As part of the club’s checklist, 8 members team went on an exciting and challenging cycling expedition of 800Km and completed the task within the span of 8 days starting from Bhubaneswar to Srilanka and back. 


After their return, a Talk Session was organized by Utsha on October 20 (Sunday) evening to share the joyful experience of their courageous journey and all the hurdles they fought through on their way.


Events like these are essential  towards the encouragement of having many more Cycling communities like Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club and acknowledging the need to have a fitter and wiser community amongst the younger generations.

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