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Earth Song - Ceramics the language of Inheritance [TALK]

January 5, 2014 I Utsha Foundation For Contemporary Art, VR-39, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Presenter: Prithviraj Singh Deo

Moderated by: Kapilas Bhuyan


As part of the Utsha Foundation Lecture Series, celebrated artist Prithviraj Singh Deo gave his viewpoints on the traditional techniques of Ceramics making and how to use them in the expression of contemporary Art. The discussion was moderated by National Award-winning filmmaker Kapilas Bhuyan. Having spent time recently in the Kutch region of Gujarat imbibing folk and traditional techniques of this craft, Prithviraj shared his experiences and insights from that region. The presentation was followed by an interactive session between the audience and the artist where Prithviraj fielded questions on the topic.

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