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Open day- InYoung Yeo

18 February 2016 I Utsha Foundation For Contemporary Art

Our first resident artist for 2017, InYoung Yeo, spent 2 weeks researching her project in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and surrounding areas. For her project titled - 'Three-way dialogue' - she chose Hamburg (Germany), Seoul (Korea) and Bhubaneswar, (India) to conduct approximately 45-person interviews in public and private space of each city and community. The interviews reflected the parallels of how each city is going through different degrees of changes from a multiple point of views. The project intends to showcase these three cities at the Seoul Biennale. 


About the artist

InYoung Yeo is an independent artist, curator and director based in Seoul. Her work expands from artistic materialization of drawing, painting, installation works to curatorial projects with interdisciplinary approaches in topics of Gender, A.I. and Urbanization as her main area of research. She explores various forms of manifestation in visual patterns based on logical structures of the human 'mind' and coincidences in the multi dimensional time and space.Yeo has put together and participated in various projects, exhibitions, residencies, talks and workshops in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, US among others. Some of her major projects and exhibitions include ‘Intersections of Common Space and Time’ a public art intervention project in Seoul, supported by Seoul Art Foundation, Goethe-Institut Seoul; ‘Gender Hierarchy’ exhibition and related programs at Grey Projects, LaSalle College of the Arts in Singapore, in partnership with Goethe-Institut Singapore ; ‘A.I.MAGINE’ an art and technology collaboration project with Seoul City, Seoul National University, Seoul Digital Foundation, Seoul Data Science Lab Project at Art Center Nabi, Space One, Goethe-Institut Seoul; 'a three-way dialogue' as a part of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017; East Asia Goethe-Institut A.I. research project 'A Better Version of 人' programs in Korea; Group Exhibitions 'A Free Breakfast', 'Multitude', 'Bare'; and Solo Exhibitions 'a three-way dialogue', 'Space' and 'Visual Interview'.

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