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September 28, 2019 I Utsha Foundation of Contemporary Art, UNIT 6, VR-39, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

As part of his Utsha residency, Ishita spent a month exploring Bhubaneswar’s cultural heritage and especially its vertical architecture. Through the installation space she was building further on her previous idea of a mental space, the reflexive model of a cave. This model happens to intersect with Plato’s allegory of the cave and is inspired by Borges’s otherworldly world of beings. The attempted space was intended to provide a gaze into an alternate reality that is floating somewhere in time and space. A world that resists being anthropocentric.To imagine the barely imagined.

About the artist

Ishita is a Visual Artist and Graphic Designer from Delhi with a background in academic study of Sociology. Her concerns lie in enquiring about the relationship between the natural and civilised worlds which she reflects upon through her artistic practice. She works with the mediums of drawing, illustration, animation, image making, graphic design and book making. With the thought that, to dig deeper into social structures one needs to work at the base of it, she has been working with educational organisations as a children’s book designer for a few years. This often feeds into her visual art practice.

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