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Memory and Forgetting – Bishnu N. Mohapatra[TALK]

December 10, 2015 I Utsha Foundation For Contemporary Art, VR-39, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Artist: Bishnu N. Mohapatra


Memory is arguably one of the oldest and most powerful archives in our world. Poets, philosophers, storytellers, among others use this to make sense of our complicated lives in our world. If remembering is active, so is forgetting. It is not that forgetting only represents that which is feeble, decrepit or some kind of fraying that time imposes on our biological existence. If remembering is an act of existence, so is forgetting. 


It is this interplay of forgetting and remembering that forms the basis of eminent social theorist and poet, Bishnu Mohapatra’s lecture aptly titled 'Smruti Bismruti' (Memory and Forgetting) as part of Utsha Foundation's Lecture Series. This was followed by an interaction with the audience, moderated by Jagannath Panda, where Mr. Mohapatra fielded questions on the subject.

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