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The Significance of ‘Regional’ in Contemporary Art

June 13 – June 16 I Utsha Foundation For Contemporary Art, VR-39, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Artist: Prof. Pradosh Mishra

One has studied art from the colonial perspective in the curriculum and has a set notion of evaluating art from the textbook perspective. This notion of the ‘outsider’s guideline’ to understand our art and our ignorance of the local and regional art, which has immensely contributed to the contemporary art scenario, needs to be revisited from a fresh position. 


Utsha organised a workshop to introduce, discuss and provoke the participant to understand the significance of the so called ‘folk’ or ‘tradition’, ‘local’ or ‘regional’ and their contribution to the contemporary concept formation and visual image making. The focus lay on the context ‘Odisha’ as a site of inspiration and focused on the Odia artists with some references in the context drawn from artists outside Odisha/India.


An interactive workshop on this subject with Prof. Pradosh Mishra (Dept. of History of Art, Banaras Hindu University) was organised from June 13 - June 16. 


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