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December 07, 2019 I Utsha Foundation of Contemporary Art, UNIT 6, VR-39, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

As part of Utsha residency, Ritesh spent a month exploring Bhubaneswar’s cultural heritage.


His art is the observation of a small event occurring in the environment. He tried to create an atmosphere of sarcasm as the poet does in his poetry, its effect and its visual scene. He created scenes that reflected questions like- how and what, the part of the earth we are on, looks like and what was it like before and what will it be like next, what are the reasons that this change is happening? 

In his work, he did not use any kind of artistic material. Instead, he used fire and water in which the surface was experimental.


About the artist

Ritesh Yadav is from Uttar Pradesh and presently practicing in New Delhi. He graduated (BFA) from Faculty of visual art B.H.U Banaras from painting (2014) and postgraduate (MFA) from College of Art, New Delhi (2017). Initially he started his art practice based on form and space, inspired from college teachers, which he developed into nature based subjects later. Currently he is working in many mediums like photography, painting, drawing, installation, video based works and building his visual language on different themes of nature.  

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