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Telling Tales - A collaborative workshop with Kathryn Myers and Neeta Omprakash

June 20, 2015 I Utsha Foundation For Contemporary Art, VR-39, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Artists: Kathryn Myers Neeta Omprakash

Fulbright scholars Neeta Omprakash and Kathryn Myers came together to organise a four-day workshop titled "Telling Tales" in collaboration with UTSHA Foundation. The workshop was organised for participants to discuss, review, and experiment on constructing various types of interviews for regional, national, and international audiences. Students, journalists, artists, and historians from the city attended the workshop. 


This was accompanied by the screening of the film - "The Stories We Tell" [Through a series of revealing interviews, filmmaker Sarah Polley investigates the truth about her family history (108 min)].

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